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Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: "Wake Up Before It’s Too Late"
1Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, KD Dental College and Hospital, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
Journal of Pediatric Dentistry 2022; 8(1): 12-21 DOI: 10.14744/JPD.2022.01_12
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Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a part of the spectrum of Sleep-Disordered Breathing that is characterized by frequent arousals, apneas, and hypopneas. It can be associated with reduction in blood oxygen saturation and hypoventilation during sleep in children. If left untreated or adequately treated, it can lead to long-term sequelae involving cardiovascular, endothelial, metabolic, endocrine, neurocognitive, and psychological consequences affecting the overall growth and development of children. For this study, an online search of databases such as PubMed, Scopus, Science Direct, ProQuest, Medline and Google Scholar has been done and as a result of this search, scientific evidences describing the etiopathogenesis, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and management of such serious illnesses have been found. This article focuses on the several aspects of pediatric obstructive sleep apnea with special emphasis on the identification and management of the condition.