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Prevalence and Predisposing Factors Associated with Facial and Dentoalveolar Trauma Among Children and Adolescents Aged Between 06 Months and 15 Years Having Consulted Casablanca Dental Emergency Department
1Pediatric Dentistry Department, Faculty of Dentistry of Casablanca, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco
2Private Practice, Casablanca, Morocco
Journal of Pediatric Dentistry - DOI: 10.14744/JPD.2021.01_24
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Objective: The present study aimed to determine the sociodemographic profiles, the injury circumstances, the clinical data and the immediate management of traumatic dental injuries (TDI) in children and adolescents attending the only public denta emergency service in Casablanca.
Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among children and adolescents, aged between 6 month and 15 years, who consulted the Casablanca dental emergency department between January and April 2019. The data obtained from questionnaires by a calibrated interviewer were collected and analyzed by using SPSS IBM.
Results: The results showed a prevalence of 18.1% of TDI with a sex ratio of 2.5 in favor of boys, a mean age of the participant was 10.1±2.9 years. The 9- to 12-year-old group was the most affected (41.2%). The street was the main place where the traum occurred (47.3%). Meanwhile, accidental falls were the predominant reported etiology (59.5%). The percentage of patients who consulted on the day of the trauma was 36.6%, and 40.4% of children consulted the dental emergency service as a second line The prevalence of permanent teeth affected was 75.9%. In the primary dentition, the most frequent type of trauma was avul sion, while in permanent dentition, uncomplicated crown fractures were predominant.
Concerning the management of trauma, 6 out of 11 avulsed teeth were re-implanted, and only 9 out of 77 coronal fragment were picked up at the site of the trauma.
Conclusion: Considering the prevalence of 18.1% of TDI in children and the high percentage of falls and traffic accidents a common causes, the level of social awareness and knowledge of the importance of emergency intervention immediately fol lowing dental trauma should be increased.